Seneludens - This is a project focused on designing games and other therapeutic behavioral environments with the specific aim of maintaining anticipatory characteristics during the aging process. The title is derived from two words: senescence (from the Latin sene, “old age”), that is, changes that take place in a living organism as time advances; and ludens (as in homo ludens, playful human, playfulness being a characteristic of humankind). It is known, and amply documented in scientific literature, that play, as an active form of involvement in a rewarding activity, fulfi lls necessary functions. It is practice for reallife actions. Play develops physical, mental, and social skills, just as it relaxes the mind and body without the deleterious effects of extended televiewing and other forms of passive distraction.
Anticipation, Games And Brain Plasticity - This is a research seminar. Thoe class will investigate what has been planned and done for improving the quality of life of the aging, and with what results. The class will attempt to come up with ideas about what has to be done, what can be done, how the proactive element implicit in games can maintain quality of life.

This class is recommended for those graduate students in the interactive arts and engineering (ATEC/IIAE), as well as cognitive and behavioral sciences, rehabilitation, geriatrics, psychology, computer science who are interested in innovative research. The area of games that cater to the aging population is still under-explored. It is also an area with vast potential for innovation and growth. As the Seneludens project unfolds, funds should become available to support further research. Priority in hiring students for such a research will be given to those who take the class.
Games & Anticipation - What makes a game exciting is the *wager* - in other words, how well one or several players can perform. This is anticipation at the global level (how high a score, how skilled a certain player, how to outsmart the opponent, etc.). However, there are other levels of anticipation: What can you expect around the corner? Who is really a friend and who is really a foe? Which risk to take, which to avoid? Richard Gray, a.k.a. Levelord, is a legendary gamer. Mihai Nadin knows something about anticipation. Together they will offer a class/workshop focused on concrete anticipatory characteristics of games. This class is open to a limited number of graduate students.